Who We Are?

Our MissioN

Beyond Limits Foundation uplifts the developmentally disabled through inclusive initiatives. We work collaboratively to enhance lives, addressing critical needs in clothing, education, food, and housing. Join us in creating positive change, building a more just and compassionate community for all.


Elsa Castro is a founding member, President of the Board, and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Beyond Limits Foundation. Elsa has over 30 years of experience founding and scaling businesses for success in multiple industries. Elsa is also the founder of the G.I.V.E. program in Riverside County, which is a community engagement program for the developmentally disabled. Elsa is passionate about reform; her compassion is for helping others, which is why she helped found the Beyond Limits Foundation. 

As a founder member Elsa is responsible for leading operations as well as overseeing the company goals, policies and procedures are all aligned with the  company’s mission. 

Elsa also oversees the development of programs and services and plays an intricate part of the company’s legal, finances and social impact as well as a deep commitment to the company’s Mission.

Julian Castro is a founding member, Board Treasurer, and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of the Beyond Limits Foundation. As a recent graduate of San Jose State, current Financial Management Specialist with Space Force, and law school applicant, Julian is passionate about protecting vulnerable populations and finding innovative solutions to remedy exploitative circumstances.


As a founding member, Julian was vital in the operation’s creation and overall strategic planning, a role which continues. As CFO, Julian is responsible for building feasible programs, overseeing cash flow management, and securing funding as needed. As Board Treasurer, he is responsible for the overall financial strategy, the insurance of legal compliance in auditing, and the budget review process. Lastly, Julian oversees high financial policies and their review by the board.


Joshua Orellana is the Chief Operations Officer (COO) for  Beyond Limits Foundation. Joshua is a Sbona business honors graduate from San Jose State University and now serves as an Operations Associate for a robotics startup called Brigade Automation Corporation. Joshua is driven to explore new methods that help create a more just and equitable future for everyone. 

In these roles, Joshua has been involved in creating business plans , conducting market research, writing grant applications, and preparing presentations for key stakeholders.

Eli Smeke serves as the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for Beyond Limits Foundation. With an Economics Degree paired with a Masters in Data Analytics, and 6 years of experience contributing to non-profit organizations, Eli Smeke is focused on expanding programs and conducting research and development for the developmentally disabled community.

In his role, Eli leverages his business acumen and technical analysis to drive innovation and implement technological solutions that address the unique challenges faced by individuals with developmental disabilities. With a passion for leveraging data-driven insights, he is committed to fostering inclusion and empowerment within the community.

Neyva Garcia is a dynamic and results-driven leader with a proven track record in administration and program management. With 7 years of experience working with adults with disabilities, Neyva has honed a unique skill set that combines strategic vision with hands-on execution.
As the Director of Administration & Programs at Beyond
limits fondation, Neyva plays a pivotal role in driving operational excellence and fostering impactful program development. With a keen understanding of organizational dynamics, Neyva effectively streamlines processes, optimizes resources, and cultivates a collaborative work environment.

Our Core Values

Our core values revolve around inclusivity, ensuring every individual is embraced and empowered, regardless of ability. Rooted in compassion, we strive to make a positive impact on the lives of the developmentally disabled through understanding and support.

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