It's Time to Make a change

Here at the Beyond Limits Foundation, we have taken decisive action to address the challenging circumstances faced by the developmentally disabled community. Our mission is straightforward: to contribute to the creation and promotion of a higher quality of life for the most vulnerable individuals in our society—the developmentally disabled. Through our programs, we aspire to cultivate a trusting and uplifting community by offering economic support, nutritional assistance, and essential clothing. As the Beyond Limits Foundation, we extend an invitation for you to join us in our compassionate mission, working together to foster more equitable communities, one individual at a time.


The clothing program for the developmentally disabled, housed within our organization, is designed to provide inclusive access to seasonally appropriate clothing. It encompasses a comprehensive approach, involving needs assessments, efficient distribution channels, and clear eligibility criteria. The program strives to engage the community through awareness campaigns and educational initiatives, empowering individuals and caregivers. Sustainability is ensured through diverse funding strategies, and ongoing improvements are driven by a feedback mechanism. Advocacy efforts and collaborations with support organizations enhance the program's impact, fostering a more inclusive and supportive environment for individuals facing developmental challenges.


Our Nutrition Program is dedicated to enhancing the health and well-being of the developmentally disabled community by prioritizing access to nutritious meals and fostering healthy habits. Emphasizing health-centric meal plans aligned with American Heart Association guidelines, the program addresses prevalent health risks and promotes overall well-being. Inclusive access is ensured through partnerships with conscientious food providers, facilitating the distribution of wholesome meals. Educational initiatives empower individuals and caregivers to adopt healthy lifestyles, emphasizing proactive health management. Through these efforts, our Nutrition Program seeks to contribute significantly to the improved health and vitality of the developmentally disabled community, promoting a holistic approach to well-being.

Joy & Activities

Our Joy Program aims to foster engagement between the Southern California community and individuals from the developmentally disabled community. Activities encompass beach outings, theme park visits, national park excursions, and more. These experiences not only encourage inclusion but also provide opportunities for the developmentally disabled to exercise independence. According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, adults with disabilities are less than half as likely to embark on social, recreational, or educational trips compared to those without disabilities. The Joy Program is designed to bridge this gap, facilitating meaningful connections and broadening horizons for individuals facing developmental challenges.

Learning & Development

Our Learning Program is meticulously designed to empower the developmentally disabled community through specialized lessons and practical life skills. In collaboration with community specialists and professionals, the program tailors its focus to individualized goals, ranging from obtaining a GED to acquiring computer program certificates and mastering workforce tools. These achievements play a crucial role in enhancing participants' prospects for meaningful employment. Committed to fostering skill development and encouraging professional growth, our initiative is dedicated to creating pathways that lead to increased workforce participation and greater independence within the community.

Why These Programs?

Our comprehensive programs—Nutrition, Joy, Learning, and Clothing—are meticulously crafted to empower the developmentally disabled community. With a focus on holistic nutrition, inclusive joy, skill development, and adequate clothing, our aim is to foster independence and create a supportive environment.

What You Get

By contributing to our causes, you are making a tangible difference in the lives of the developmentally disabled community. Your donation ensures:

Your hard-earned money is an investment in transforming lives, fostering well-being, and contributing to a society where everyone, regardless of ability, can thrive.

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